IP Engenharia participate in the Portugal-Africa Business Forum 2017


The AEP - Portuguese Business Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with FOGECA - Forum des Opérateurs pour la Garantie de l'Emergence Economique en Afrique, organized the Portugal-Africa Business Forum 2017, held between 6 and 7 December 2017, at the AEP headquarters in Matosinhos. FOGECA brings together several African countries, including Senegal, Congo, Gabon, Mali, Benin, Algeria, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea among others.

The objective of the meeting was to enhance the good moment in the economic relations between Portugal and the countries of the West Africa region, some of them with strong connections and economic influence with the Portuguese-speaking Countries, bringing together members of Governments and Top Managers around the discussion and analysis of strategic partnerships in sectors vital to the development of the region, namely, Transport Infrastructures.

IP Engenharia, through Mr. Amílcar Monteiro, Managing Director, was invited to make a speech about the "Experience of Portuguese Companies at the Service of Infrastructure Development in Africa".

The intervention focused on the framework and general picture of the transport infrastructure in Africa; some reflections on the importance of infrastructure sustainability, and also; propose some specific models of interaction for the triangle of entities: governments, companies and investment banks.