IP supports twinning project with Algeria's national organization Organisme National de Contrôle Technique des Travaux Publics (CTTP)


Within the scope of the Twinning Project that the LNEC - National Laboratory for Civil Engineering - public institute of Science and Technology, as underway with the national organization of Algeria Organisme National de Contrôle Technique des Travaux Publics (CTTP), in which the Infrastructures of Portugal Group (IP) acts as a privileged partner, was held last November 23rd, at IP headquarters, a working session to present the case of success that constitutes the Bridge Management System (BMS) of IP.

CTTP is a public body responsible for the Technical and Operational Management of Algerian Transport Infrastructures (roads, highways, ports and airports), including operation and maintenance management of the Road and Highway Networks.

In this session IP Mangers presented to the Technicians of the CTTP Delegation Bridge Management System developed by IP.

IP presented the model and the activity developed by the company in this area, namely with regard to the general configuration of the system; database that supports it; inspection methodology; method of evaluating the state of the special structure; system to support the decision for the works of regular maintenance or rehabilitation. The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Center for Underwater Inspections and the equipment that support this activity.

In the end, the CTTP Delegation highlighted the added value of IP Bridge Management System.